sreda, 17. september 2008

Here we go.

In fact, I'we been havin' such a disaster lately, that words just cannot describe. And since I was a litlle girl, I wanted to share everything that hits my way.
I have just returned from my trip in Spain. I traveled along Catalonia- Montserrat, Barcelona, Lloret De Mar, and similar stuff.
The most impresionating was museum of my great inspirator Dali, wich was just stunning. I was really exhausted becouse of the nights of no sleeping. So I forced myself to just rush thru the museum, and promised to see it again.
Well, the point.
That litlle trip is not something special, right? Well hell yeah, it is to me. This is a begging of my dreams. It was my first time. To sit on a plain :) And go away on my own.
I don't give a damn about my english (but do not have an opinion that I am not tryin' hard). I am just a silly smalltown girl, who has decided to travel a lot in her life. To have humble home, maybe someone with similar thoughts, and a big pocket of money, to go anywhere. :) So, silly or not, I created this blog to represend a victory of my dreams, or just a silly girl...
So all my travels I will ever do, will be stored here 4ever. Well.. Hehe, until the internet dies.
Love, Ursha