petek, 12. junij 2009

The streetcar named Desire

So, I am there where I was afraid to be for a long time. It is the time. To make a choice, which literature to pick for the exam on Academy. I think that Tennessee Williams won. Even if Blanche is not what I wanted her to be, this is his book, right? So I guess he is the bos. I am totaly running out of time, so I have to decide quickly. I also have some poems to pick, and I have to send it to Academy by the end of the next week. So this is a bit stressful time for me. Becouse I really want to do it good. Even I do not suceed, I will do my best. I am starting to think that this is really the career and a life I want. And nobody cannot take this spirit away from me. I am trying to think positive. I hope to get some best wishes from you, my dear reader, whoever you are. =)

Au revoir,


Some poem from Federico Garcia Lorca


Si muero,
dejad el balcon abierto.

El nino come naranjas
(Desde mi balcon lo veo.)

El segador siega el trigo.
(Desde mi balcon lo siento.)

Si muero,
dejad ej balcon abierto!


Ko umrem,
pustite balkon odprt.

Deček pomaranče je.
(Z balkona ga vidim.)

Kosec žito kosi.
(Z balkona ga slišim.)

Ko umrem,
pustite balkon odprt.