sreda, 22. oktober 2008

Sweet about me

It was the hotest day in summer of 90', that young woman named Cvetka gived a birth to her first child. It was Urška. She thought, it's gonna be a boy, so my father brought a blue teddy bear to the hospital. And so it beggined. I had most wonderful childhood, full of joy, long- walks in the land, happy summers at the sea side and a cool brother Jernej, which was sometimes to hit, and sometimes to love. =)

So the years had gone by, and here I am, an 18 years old young woman. At the moment, I am a aerobics teacher at Vojnik (small town near Celje), with my mother. I started to teach my own group on fridays- about 20 woman is commin' every week, so we sweat our asses off! :) I just love to work-out, and with a combination with some music... Weehaaa!! I am also going to teach snowboarding classes in Rogla this season, at the Ski school Snežak (which means a snowman in slovene). Some extra money comes also from the basketball games, which I work with as a assistant referee.

I live in a nice house, stucked in a horrible classy street (Like that street in Housevives:)). Neighbours gossip all the time, they compete all the time (cars, houses, grasses, jobs, money after all). But I realized that I kind of like it. It ends up with a Primary School at one, and the church at the other part. Now, in the autumn, its road is covered with yel
low, orange and gold leafs. And I like it so much. Coz' I know, the winter is comming. And I run among the leafs and the sun shines and my hair flow in the air. And althought that I don't like winter as much as the summer, it gives me this feeling of safety. When the winter comes, I know I will be at home, by the fireplace, on safe.

Relationships... I am in one now. With Rok. He is a great photographer and he is a leader of Killing option group. They do hardcore metal, but they really do not look like metal folks :). I "convoy" most of their concerts lately. We went on tour to Avstria and Slovakia during summer, and we had some awsome time together. They invited me so enthusiasticaly that I couldn't resist! It was great, sleeping in Rok's and Pišotek's legs :) It was also a sort of road trip that I enjoy.

I passed driving lessons yesterday :) It was my first examination. And the British queen visited Slovenia for 3 days. And I am finally leaving Slovenia! Tomorrow, at 12 am. Vive la France!

Au Revoir***

torek, 14. oktober 2008

9 days to go!!!

Yeah.. It took me a quite while to realize that some folks commented my blog... I'm very glad about that! So I suppose that I'm back on track... I have no interest in school this year. It's my last year of high school, and most of my good friends are already on college. :( Someone very special to me is counted in that group too, thanks to me. :S But anyway, no tears. I think I'm very independent young woman:).
Lately, I was wonderin' what blog actually means. People I know say that blog shouldn't be totaly personal? Please?? Than what blog is, if it isn't personal? God Lord.
I finally created my own opinion about blog. I like to share personal stuff. It's just me :). Not everything, coz' there have to be some undiscovered secrets too :P. I think, that blog is some kind of diary. And I must say that I am thrilled about that, coz' I have a lot to write about my life and what happened to me in a everyday life. Plus I like it.So, I'm just gonna do it!!
The point, yes...
Only 9 days to go!
To Paris, France, of course :) Starting with "The tower" naturaly, Louvre, and simmilar stuff. Do u think I'm that boring?? Ok, those who don't know me well. :) Sure I'm gonna legg around (my own expression :)) everything cultural, but I promisse that I will bring something fresh with me, some undiscivered places in Paris, and some great experience, which no one had before.
And those, who like to read my blog will see it 4 free! :)
Like u,
your litlle Urši