torek, 23. december 2008

Before Christmas spirit

I love it. I cannot express myself with another words.

I'm havin' trouble sleeping so I have a bit time to finaly dig in.
I will not be long, just to come across some stuff wich are going on lately...
Tomorrow is the day that Urška is going to wear a hat and a Frank Sinatra "walking stick". And will represend her class in front of whole SEŠ Celje- high school. It's not that I don't want to, it's just their adetude. It is certanly not well exepted, neither by pupil, nor professors.
Anyway, I decided to cooperate=)
Becouse I feel enough stupid and sad about everyday boring classes, that I just want to have some more nice memories of this school. I am leavin' it behind in just a few months...And becouse I don't give a damn about what people say. By people I mean people who don't know me well enough to judge me.
Fank Sinatra it is.
Can't take my eyes off you.
Original version.

After that circus, I will drive home for Christmas:) Ok, it's just a silly song... But I will. And we're gonna set the tree and bake some cookies and have a good time. Just the family. We always get along on a Christmas eve, and it's so magical. People say it's stupid, but not 4 me. I've always had this lovely Christmases, so why should I complain about? I will just make sure, to make someone else happy also. ;) And than church.. It's so harmonical when the lights go out and only candels burn and we all sing Silent night together... That is something I will always love.

Btw, the season on Rogla begined. So, anyone interested in snowboarding, just give me a call ;)


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